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How to share a post in Story?

The social network Instagram has recently deployed many updates that have impacted the way of relaying posts in stories. Updates that some users did not like at all because instead of making it easier for them to share posts in stories, they had the opposite effect. Is this your case and you are suddenly looking for a more efficient method of sharing? If so, then this article will be very useful to you, because it has detailed the path to follow for share a story post from your smartphone (Android or iOS) on Instagram.

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Step 1: Access the Instagram post to relay as a story

The story publication sharing function initially offered by the Instagram social platform is again available on many accounts. To use it, you will first need to access the Instagram post that you want to relay as a story. This can be a post you made yourself or another user’s post.

Also note that the relay in story is possible for any post from the news feed or the profile of the interested party. Can’t find the post you want to share in your news feed?

If you know who posted it, then all you have to do is search for that person’s profile and then navigate to it to find them quickly in the posts section. If it’s a recent post, it won’t take you long to find it.

Once this is done, then go to the latter to reveal the share option. This is the very first step to adding an Instagram post to your story.

Step 2: Share the Instagram post to their story

Sharing a story post on Instagram is done in several small steps.

Click on the “Share” button

Once the publication to be relayed in story is opened, several options will appear below the post concerned. These include the buttons” i love », « Comment », « Compartir ” and ” To safeguard “.

The one that particularly interests us here is the “ Compartir “. It indeed offers interesting options with regard to publication sharing. You’ll recognize it by its paper airplane icon. Click on it to go to the next step.


Add the post to its story

A pop up will appear on the screen as soon as you select the paper plane icon. In this one, you will be offered several options. In particular, you can send the publication to one of the people you follow or who follows you, or even display it in a story so that all your subscribers can see it.

To share this post in story, you just have to left click on the ” Add a post to your story “.


The content of the relayed post will then systematically appear in the story menu. But before that, if you wish, you can write a short message that will accompany the publication. To do this, simply touch the input field above the ” To research and then type your text.


Optimize the post to share in story

After selecting the option ” Add a post to your story », a new page will be displayed. It is on the latter that you can customize the post. Indeed, even if it is a simple post sharing, you still have the option of modifying its appearance, with or without a caption.

Similarly, like classic stories, you can customize or optimize posts shared in stories with stickers and many other elements of your choice. But don’t forget that whatever you do, the publications you relay in story will always include the name and the message of their creator at the bottom left.

As soon as you have finished optimizing the post to share as a story, click on the ” following which is in the lower section of the screen at the far right.


Step 3: Make sure publishing was successful

Once the 2and completed, the shared post should automatically appear in your story. To make sure, go back to the newsfeed and take a look at the top of the screen. You should find in” your story » the new post you just posted.


If this is not the case, then it means that the sharing of said content has failed. Refresh the application, wait a few moments and repeat the process described in step 2. Also, do not forget to check the status of your Internet connection. Because, without a functional and stable Internet connection, it will be impossible for you to share a publication in a story on Instagram.

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