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How to prepare for the civil service competition

In 2021, the state, territorial and hospital public services will be the largest job providers. But to access one of these functions, it is necessary to pass a competition dedicated to this purpose. Recruitment competitions for public functions take the form of written and/or oral tests. To succeed with certainty, it is necessary to take certain actions in order to put all the chances on your side. In this article, you will discover two essential actions to take to properly prepare for a public service competition.

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action no. 1: Choose a civil service job that suits you!

There are hundreds of professions in all branches of the public service: gardener, lawyer, nurse, accountant, information and communication technology (ICT) engineer, policeman, etc.

Public service jobs are classified into bodies or categories in the General Statute (a kind of labor code for public service workers). Within these bodies and categories of employment are “special statutes” which define the methods of recruitment, remuneration, career development, etc.

Each of the competitions is accessible to a specific number of positions. There are competitions for all levels of study. To find out the level of training required, just look at the category to which the competition is attached.

For category A, you must have a level Bac +3 / Bac + 5 (level II or I) or more (category corresponding to the functions of design, management and supervision).

As for category B, the required level is the Baccalaureate (category corresponding to the functions of application, writing and intermediate management: writer, technician, etc.).

With regard to category C, it is necessary to hold the DNB, the BEP or the CAP (category corresponding to the executive functions: agent, assistant, etc.).

Action n° 2: Train upstream and be accompanied by a center attached to IPAG

To put the odds on your side and stand out from the mass of candidates, preparation is strongly recommended.

You can get help from a preparation center for civil service competitions, such as the center Public competition.

These kinds of centers can help you access and read relevant books, and then build records. They can encourage you to read specialized newspapers (for example La gazette des communes, La Lettre du cadre territorial) which will allow you to keep up to date with current events. This will prevent you from stumbling across an unfamiliar topic and ending up with a failing grade.

As far as preparation is concerned, the preparation centers for civil service competitions help you train, do and redo exercises: these are essential keys to success. The preparation centers for the civil service competitions will help you review as many times as necessary to make you progress and be effective.

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