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WhatsApp communities, kézako and when it happens

We can never criticize the lack of vision of the Meta groupthe parent company of WhatsApp. Also owner of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s firm has just announced a big news for whatsapp. The communities! Whatever your interest, you will be able to launch and organize very large groups. And we’re talking about thousands of people, a bit like Facebook groups.

The nlevel above compared to current groups. You will understand with the examples below. The spheres will be multiplied with calls up to 32 people. As well as transfers of files increased to 2GB. WhatsApp wants to take a step forward and above all compete with services like Telegram or even Discord. So here’s what’s coming and if you want to test other apps in the meantime, here’s 5 Android apps to manage a community.

What to expect with WhatsApp communities

This is a major developmentprobably the first since the launch of group video calls on android. And given the importance of the efforts, Goal preferred scheduled new services As things progress. To analyze the data and obtain feedback on life-size experience. The objective is to deploy Communities during the year.

As far as features go, here’s what to expect:

  • desde reactions with emojisfollowing the launch on Telegram last year
  • Advanced management for administrators to ensure a well-organized community
  • desde audio calls in groups to prepare meetings or outings
  • the larger file sharinganother Telegram feature that Android users liked

Example of discussion within the same WhatsApp community

At the security level, likewise, Goal went into overdrive. The administrator of the community can delete suspicious messages. Only he can also see phone numbers. Also the case for all members of the same group. Here is an example of exchanges within the same community group.

Here is what a school community might look like:

Example of school community with WhatsApp

Within the community, the different groups will be visible. This will let you know what is happening in other classes for example. If you are a member of other groups these may also appear to allow you to share more information. It’s more mutual aid with a helpful community aspect which the French like so much.

Finally, here is another example for the Co-ownership communication with WhatsApp:

Example of conversations within the same building with WhatsApp Community

  1. whatsappmessenger

    WhatsApp, the leading messaging service in France

    Who remembers the world before WhatsApp ? This little free app has downright revolutionized communication daily. Whether with the family or those around you, it is easy to send messages with audio recordings or small videos. Well with the Communities es una much larger dimension that awaits you in relation to the groups. to news communication revolution big this year!

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