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How to Type Copyright and Trademark Symbols on Mac

Although many of us know that it’s possible to type special symbols, such as copyright (©) and trademark (™), on a Mac, the required keyboard shortcuts often remain a mystery. The fact that the right combinations are not always intuitive does not help the situation. The keyboard shortcuts for typing copyright and trademark symbols might not make sense, but they’re simple. Let’s see how to type copyright and trademark symbols on Mac.

How to Type Copyright Symbols Using Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are a connoisseur of keyboard shortcuts, using the appropriate combinations to type the copyright, trademark, and trademark symbols on your Mac can be the best method. Combinations usually work in any app that accepts special text and symbols and helps you avoid sifting through the character viewer looking for the correct input.

Here’s how to enter copyright, trademark, and trademark symbols in macOS:

  • Copyright (©): Option-G
  • Registered (®): Option + R
  • Trademark (™): Option + 2 (Where Option+Shift+2)

As you can see, the Saved Symbol keyboard shortcut is pretty intuitive, but the combinations required to create copyright and trademark symbols can be harder to remember. Alternatively, you can use the text expander to design your own character combinations for the symbols you use the most.

How to Insert Copyright Symbols Using Mac Character Viewer

If the hotkeys aren’t your thing, you can always use the Mac Character Viewer to insert those special symbols for you. Fortunately, access to the tool is easy.

Here’s how to insert copyright, trademark, and trademark symbols using the Character Viewer in macOS:

  1. To push on Ctrl + Cmd + Space or access Edit > Emoji and Symbols in any application to open the character viewer.
  2. To select Letter type symbols in the left menu.
  3. double-click the symbol you want to insert.

How to insert copyright symbols

The Character Viewer is handy because it lets you see what other symbols are available. Exploring the possibilities can even inspire improvement in a future project or social media post.


When you know the keyboard shortcuts for creating copyright symbols, trademark symbols, and other special symbols, you can avoid interrupting your workflow every time you need to. But if your brain is too busy to memorize keystrokes, learning how to quickly access the character viewer is still an effective solution.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments. Also consult this guide if you want to learn how to Securing your Mac.

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