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How to find a lost Apple Watch

It’s too easy to lose your Apple Watch, but Apple has included a helpful app you can use to find it. Just like with the iPhone, you might lose Apple Watch one day. But we have good news. With the Find My app, you have plenty of chances to find a lost Apple Watch. Let’s see how to find Apple Watch using this app, what to do if you can’t locate it.

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The first step if your Apple Watch has been lost or stolen is to open the findmine app on your iPhone. If you don’t have your iPhone, Find My is also available on The first time you pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone, your Apple Watch is automatically added to the Find My app. As long as your Apple Watch is still paired to an iPhone or a Wi-Fi network, you should be able to see the device’s location. Anyone with an Apple Watch GPS or cellular model is in an even better position because the watch can tell you its location as long as it receives a cellular signal. Note that if for some reason the watch is not connected to the iPhone or is not receiving a WiFi or cellular signal, you will not be able to see its location.

In the app, select the name of your Apple Watch to see the exact location and the last time the device was detected. You can also touch Indications to see how to get to the watch if it is not nearby. Another option is that of play a sound. The watch will emit a loud noise, but in silent mode until you turn it off. It’s a perfect way to find the clock if it’s somewhere out of the way, like under a couch cushion. Among these options is Notify when found. After turning it on, if your Apple Watch reconnects, you will see a notification. You can then open the Find My app and see the location update.

If you still cannot find your Apple Watch, the next step should be to enable Lost Mode. The setting for this feature is at the bottom of the Apple Watch information page under Find My. After selecting lostmodeenter the phone number on which you can be reached then select cheeky. Next, write a note that you want to display on the clock screen. Finally, select Activate. You will receive an email confirming the activation of Lost Mode. If your watch is found, we hope someone can contact you using the phone number and the note you wrote.

As a precaution, Apple Pay and other services are disabled when an Apple Watch is in Lost Mode. If you find your Apple Watch or if it is returned to you, be sure to turn off Lost Mode so you can use the device as normal. To do this, select your Apple Watch in the Find My app, select enabled incategory mark as lost and choose Disable Mark as Lost. Then press switch off to confirm.

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If you can’t find the Apple Watch…

Every Apple Watch stores personal information about you and even Apple Pay information. But if your watch is permanently lost, there are several ways to protect your data. In Lost Mode, for added security, someone may need your Apple Watch passcode to turn off Find My, erase the watch, or pair it with another iPhone. A big step is to change the Apple ID password. This will prevent anyone from accessing iCloud data through your Apple Watch. If for some reason you forgot your existing password, learn how to reset Apple ID password.

On the Find My page on your Apple Watch, you can also select Delete this device. If the watch connects to another iPhone, WiFi or cellular signal, it will erase all data on the device. It cannot be undone, so you should only use it as a last resort. Also, you can no longer find Apple Watch in Find My app after erasing it. You won’t have to worry about someone using a lost or stolen Apple Watch. Apple’s Activation Lock feature will prevent this. Anyone trying to pair the watch with a new iPhone will need your Apple ID and password to do so.

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Are you able to find your lost or turned off Apple Watch?

While losing an expensive device like the Apple Watch isn’t fun, we’ve shown you a number of ways to find it. Find My and Activation Lock are just a few of the many security features that Apple has created for the wearable device. Make sure you understand all the methods available to you to protect your watch.

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