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Google Play is experimenting with alternative payments systems

In the last few months, regulators across the world have pulled up their sleeves to force Apple and Google to allow third-party payment methods in app stores.

While these regulations might take a while to implement, the Big G has preempted it by announcing a new pilot with Spotify that will allow third-party payments for the music streaming service. Here’s how that will work for users like you and me, and what it means for app developers and service providers.

How will it work?

The concept is pretty simple. When you want to subscribe or renew your subscription to Spotify on Android, you’ll see a bunch of payment options, including Google Play Billing and Spotify’s own system in the streaming company’s Android app. You can choose the one you like to make that payment.

But we don’t know how exactly this will pan out. According to Spotify, the company will work with Google to experiment with different ways on how multiple payment systems will live on one screen.

This new payment system, called “​​User Choice Billing,” will roll out later this year.

What’s in it for Spotify?

Spotify has been one of the loudest voices — especially against Apple — protesting high fees charged by app stores while not allowing developers to support alternative payment options.

While its fight with Apple will continue, it could find an ally in Google.

Notably, Spotify’s Android app already has links to its website to purchase subscriptions. Plus, it sends notifications to users about various offers on the subscription.

Spotify's Android App has links to its website to buy premium subscriptions.