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120 Free Airport Wi-Fi Passwords from Around the World

Created by FoxNoMad, this is a brilliant card for frequent travelers. The first thing you want to do after landing is log into Facebook or Google something, which is where the free wifi at most airports comes in handy. As shown in the map below, the map, which Polat updates regularly, includes Wi-Fi passwords and locations for dozens of airports around the world. Note: Free open Wi-Fi means all your data is unencrypted, a hacker with a laptop can easily sniff your username and password, always use a VPN to hide your identity when using these free public WiFis.

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The WiFix app for Apple iOS and GoogleAndroid is continuously updated, it will display the latest airport map and lounge wifi passwords around the world. In card mode, you can tap any Wi-Fi icon where wireless information is available and use the button to copy the password to the clipboard. The map is available offline (when you download the appropriate Google Maps map), so you don’t need an internet connection to use WiFox when traveling. The best place to get free wifi is StarBucks, almost every airport has StarBucks.


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