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How to Forget a Network in Windows 11

This article explains how to forget a network in Windows 11. If you are having network connection issues, Wi-Fi network conflicts may be to blame. If you force your device to forget old network connections and remove them from the Windows connection list, this may solve your problem and allow you to reconnect.

How to completely forget about a network in Windows 11?

When you connect to a network in Windows 11, it remembers it for the future. This can cause problems (although rarely) and conflicts that interfere with your ability to connect to the Internet. If a connection has been misconfigured, the information Windows 11 remembers about the connection can also cause problems.

You can make Windows 11 completely forget about a network to fix these issues. Windows 11 will then treat the forgotten network as a brand new connection. It won’t try to connect automatically, and if you choose to join it will treat it as a new network.

Here’s how to completely forget about a network in Windows 11:

1. Click on the icon of network in taskbar action center.

Click on the network icon

2.Click the button network status (top left).

Click on the network status button

3. Right-click on the network you want to forget.

Right click on the network

4.Click on to forget.

Forget a Network in Windows 11

Notes: If you select the network you are currently connected to, your computer will immediately disconnect from the network.

5. Windows 11 will remove this network from its list of connections.

How can I force a network to forget?

The list of networks in the Wi-Fi menu in the action center only includes networks that are currently in connection range, so you can’t forget a network that is out of range. If you want to force a network to forget and it’s not listed, you can do so from the Windows 11 Settings app.

Here’s how to force Windows 11 to forget a network from Settings:

1. Right-click on the icon of network in the taskbar action center, then select Network and Internet Settings.

Select Network and Internet Settings Wireless.

Click Wi-Fi

3.Click on Manage known networks.

Click on Manage known networks

4. Locate the network you want to delete, then click to forget.

Click Forget Network in Windows 11

How to remove all networks in Windows 11

If you want to delete everything and start from scratch, you can do so by using the procedure in the previous section and clicking on each network. This may take some time if Windows 11 has a lot of stored networks, but there is a faster option that uses the command prompt. Using this method, you can make Windows 11 forget all stored networks at once.

Here’s how to remove all stored networks in Windows 11:

1. Open Command Prompt.

Open command prompt

2.Type netsh wlan delete profile name=* i=*

Forget Network in Windows 11

3.Press In trance and all known networks will be purged. Deleted networks will be listed in the command prompt window.

Remove all networks in Windows 11

Why Clear Networks on Windows 11?

If you don’t have any problems, deleting your stored networks is entirely optional. Windows 11 automatically retains information about networks it has seen, making it easier to connect to networks in the future. However, the list may become too long if your computer has been used and connected to many different networks. Corrupt or incorrect network information can also cause connection problems.

The main reason people clear networks on Windows 11 is to fix network issues on Windows 11. Your computer may repeatedly connect to the wrong Wi-Fi network or you may fail to connect to the desired network. You can often fix connection issues if you have Windows 11, forget networks you don’t want to use, or forget a network you’re trying to connect to.

People sometimes have network connections forgotten by Windows 11 because they don’t want the device to connect to the internet. For example, a parent may wish to lend their child a laptop to do homework but prevent them from connecting to the Internet to avoid distractions. A simple solution is to make Windows 11 forget the network connection, so the user has to re-enter the Wi-Fi password to establish an Internet connection.


How to change the wireless network on Windows 11?

Connect to a wireless network in Windows 11 from the action center > Manage Wi-Fi connections > network name > Connect. You can also switch to another network from Settings > Network and Internet > Wireless > Show available networks. To log in from the Control Panel, select Network and Internet > Connect to the Internet > network name > To log in.

How to forget a network on Windows 10?

you can forget a network on windows 10 by accessing the Network and Internet settings. Use the taskbar or control center to access these settings. or click on to start up > Settings > Network and Internet > Wireless > Manage known networks > select network > to forget.

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