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How to Block a WiFi Network on Windows or Mac

This article explains how to block a WiFi network on Windows and Mac so that you cannot connect to it. Instructions apply to all versions of Windows and macOS.

Can I block a Wi-Fi network?

In Windows, you can block a WiFi network from appearing in your computer’s list of available networks. If you’ve ever connected to a network, you can prevent Windows from automatically connecting to Wi-Fi.

On a Mac, you can remove a network from your list of preferred networks if you’ve connected to it before. You’ll still see it in the list of available networks, but you’ll need to re-enter the password to reconnect. If you don’t want to connect to any network, completely disable Wi-Fi.

How to block a WiFi network in Windows

Here’s how to block other Wi-Fi networks in Windows:

1. Select icon network in the taskbar and write down the name of the network (SSID) you want to block.

Select the Network icon

2. Open an elevated command prompt. The easiest way is to enter the command prompt in Windows search, select Execute as administrator.

Open a command prompt

3. Type the following, replacing Network Name with the name of the network you wish to block, then press In trance :

netsh wlan add filter permission=block ssid=Nom du réseau networktype=infrastructure

How to block a WiFi network in Windows

The network will no longer appear in your list of available networks. To unblock the network, enter:

netsh wlan delete filter permission=block ssid=Nom du réseau networktype=infrastructure

if you want that Windows forgets a Wi-Fi networkright click on the icon network in the taskbar, then select Network and Internet Settings > Wireless > Manage known networks > to forget.

How to Block Wi-Fi Networks on a Mac

Follow these steps to remove networks from your list of preferred networks on a Mac:

1. Select the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen, then select System Preferences.

Select System Preferences

2.Click on network.

Click on Network

3. Select tab Wirelessthen choose the network you want to block.

Select WiFi tab

4.Select the minus sign () under your favorite networks to remove it from the list.

How to Block WiFi Networks on a Mac

Can you block your neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal?

Blocking a network does not block the signal. Likewise, hiding your Wi-Fi network does not stop network interference. If your internet connection is slow, you can try changing the Wi-Fi channel to avoid signal interference. You should also take steps to prevent neighbors from using your network.

Here are other ways to improve your Wi-Fi signal:

  • Move your Wi-Fi router
  • Switch to an Ethernet connection
  • Limit the number of devices connected to your network
  • Install a Wi-Fi repeater

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments. Also consult this guide if you want to learn how to fix wifi connection problems on windows 10.

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