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How to make text read aloud on PC?

Built into all Windows-based devices, Narrator is a screen-reading aloud application. It is able to read texts in applications, in your search engine, in your mailbox, etc. Its activation mode depends on the version of your operating system. For devices running Windows 10, find out in this tutorial how to make text read aloud on pc.

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Step 1: Enable or disable Narrator in Windows 10

Microsoft has provided fairly simple shortcuts to activate the narrator and read texts aloud on PC. To do this, here is how to proceed:

  • Simultaneously press the ” Windows“+” CTRL “+” Enter and wait a few seconds for a dialog box to appear.
  • Click on ” okay » to validate the activation.
  • In the dialog box that opens, click ” reduce “.

It is possible to activate the narrator directly in the settings by doing the following:

  • Simultaneously press Ctrl+Windows+N.
  • In the settings, toggle the slider to enable Narrator.

Once enabled, Narrator will automatically read text from any open web pages, apps, or documents. Above all, make sure that your PC speaker is not muted.

To turn off Narrator, use the same shortcut you need to turn on.

Step 2: Set up Narrator in Windows 10

To have a text read aloud, some settings may be required. To do this, go to the settings of the Navigator. Just use a shortcut, simultaneously pressing Ctrl+Windows+N.

Customize the voice of the narrator

From the settings, Windows gives you the possibility to choose the voice of your narrator. Here’s how:

  • Choose from one of the voices (female or male) in French or English.
  • Choose to add more voices by clicking ” Add other voicesif you are not satisfied with the choices available.


To have text read aloud on PC with the narrator, the voice must still match your expectations in terms of narration. Did you know that it is possible to modify not only the speed of the voice, but also the volume and even the pitch? Concretely, how to do it?

  1. press-on Windows+Ctrl+N to open the settings.
  2. Move the sliders of the various parameters corresponding to the modifications you wish to make (modify the speed, volume or pitch of the voice).

Edit reading with Narrator

In Narrator settings, you can also decide which details Narrator can or cannot read.

1. The level of detail on texts and commands

It is, for example, possible to change the details that the narrator must provide about the text read or the commands executed. You have the choice between:

  • text-only;
  • certain details of controls;
  • all details of controls;
  • some details of the text;
  • all the details of the text.

Changing this level of Narrator details can be done directly in the settings or by using the ” Narrator Lock key. shift + V “.

2. The mode of reading capital letters of the text

You can also decide how uppercase text is read. Depending on the available settings, Narrator can:

  • do not announce capital letters;
  • raise the pitch when reading capital letters;
  • say capital letters.

To activate one of the modes, you can either go directly to the settings or use the shortcut “ Narrator Lock key. shift + 4 “.

Step 3Enable scan mode

Scan mode is a reading and browsing mode compatible with using Narrator to read text aloud on PC. Thanks to it, you can switch between applications, pages or your emails using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Using some shortcuts, it allows your narrator to read texts, links or titles much faster. To use it:

  1. Follow the procedure for activating Narrator shown above.
  2. Simultaneously press” shift” and ” Space » to activate scan mode.
  3. Press the arrow keys” high” and ” low to move between items on web pages or in applications.
  4. Press on” Space” Where ” In trance to open a web page link or launch an application command.
  5. Press on” CTRL + the up arrow key to start reading the previous line.
  6. Press on” CTRL + arrow key lowto start reading the next line.
  7. Press on” CTRL” and ” home to return to the first line of the text and start reading it aloud.
  8. Press on” CTRL + the arrow key left to read the previous word.
  9. Press on” Ctrl + right arrow keyto read the next word.

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