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How to Enable Bluetooth in Windows 11

This article explains the simple steps to enable Bluetooth in Windows 11 and establish a wireless connection with other Bluetooth devices.

Where is Bluetooth in Windows 11?

The Bluetooth setting can be found in the Settings app in Windows 11. You can find all the Bluetooth options and connected devices by going to the app Settings and choosing Bluetooth and devices in the left sidebar.

Notes: The process is similar toenable bluetooth in windows 10 from the action center or from the Settings app.

To immediately access your Bluetooth settings, use the menu Taskbar Quick Settings.

1. Select the icons to the left of the time and date once.

2. In the Quick Settings menu, select the button Bluetooth.

Select the Bluetooth button

3. Turning the Bluetooth button on and off changes its color to indicate whether it is on or off.

Enabling and disabling the Bluetooth button

4. To establish a connection or pair to a new device, right-click on the Bluetooth button and select Go to settings.

Select Go to Settings

5.Section Bluetooth and devices of the Settings app contains all settings related to Bluetooth in Windows 11.

The Bluetooth and devices section

How to enable Bluetooth in Windows 11?

Bluetooth can be turned on (or off) from the Settings app or the Quick Settings menu in the taskbar. Once you’ve paired a Bluetooth device, it’s easy to use the Quick Settings toggle button to connect or disconnect the Bluetooth device.

Here are three ways to turn Bluetooth on in Windows 11 or turn it off when not needed.

1. Access the taskbar and select the icon network or any icon next to the clock. Select button Bluetooth to enable or disable it.

2. Go to the taskbar and right-click on itnetwork icon. To select Network and Internet Settings > Bluetooth and devices. Use toggle button to enable or disable Bluetooth.

Enable Bluetooth in Windows 11

3.Select to start up > Settings > Bluetooth and devices. Select the toggle button to enable or disable Bluetooth.

Enable Bluetooth in Windows 11

How to turn off Bluetooth in Windows 11?

As explained above, use the Bluetooth toggle button to disable Bluetooth in Windows 11. You can also disable Bluetooth permanently from Device Manager.

1.Start and search manager peripherals. Select from the result.

Search Device Manager

2. Access Bluetooth and expand the list of Bluetooth adapters connected to Windows.

3. Select and right-click on the specific adapter. Choose Disable device to permanently disable Bluetooth for this adapter. To select okay to confirm.

Disable Bluetooth in Windows 11

Why is my Bluetooth not working in Windows 11?

The Bluetooth toggle button is a default in Quick Settings. Bluetooth may work, but you don’t see the Bluetooth button or icon here. To make it appear, select the icon Pencil. then choose Add > Bluetooth in the list.

There may be other software and hardware reasons that prevent Bluetooth from working properly. Here is a troubleshooting summary to fix Bluetooth connectivity issues in Windows 11. First, make sure the Bluetooth button is on and the paired device is also on.

  • Restart the PC and check if that solves the problem.
  • Turn off and on the Bluetooth device and reconnect it with Windows.
  • Check all Bluetooth connections, as multiple connections cause problems.
  • Check the Bluetooth connectivity of the device on another computer or mobile.
  • Connect the adapter to another port for devices with Bluetooth adapters and check if it works.
  • Update Windows 11 to make sure the Bluetooth driver is on the latest version. Also update the other paired device.
  • Restart the Bluetooth service from Services > Bluetooth support service > general > Select Stop then to start up. Change startup type to Automate. save with okay.
  • Use the built-in Bluetooth troubleshooter. Get to Update and security > Repair > convenience stores additional > Bluetooth. To select Run the troubleshooter to automatically fix Bluetooth problems.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments. Also consult this guide if you want to learn how to rename bluetooth device in windows 11.

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