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The latest Telegram update brings links to download manager etc.

Here’s everything new in Telegram’s latest update.

If you are a Telegram user, a new bet up to date awaits you. The latest version of the app brings a host of features and improvements. There’s a new download manager, a redesigned interface for the Android app, a preview of media albums, and more. One of the standout features comes in the form of new phone number links.

You can always create a username on Telegram and share your link for others to find you without your phone number. However, these usernames are public and allow people to find you in global search. The update now lets you share a direct link to your phone number that instantly opens a conversation with you.

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The format of these links is, with the full phone number in international format. Of course, the link will only work if your privacy settings allow others to find you by your phone number. So essentially these links won’t make you searchable by just anyone but will still make it easier for those who have your phone number to contact you.

Elsewhere, Telegram is also introducing a new download manager. While actively downloading files, a new icon now appears in the search bar. You can tap the icon or go to the “Downloads” tab in search to view, pause, resume, and prioritize downloads.

When sending multiple photos, you can now preview the media album and rearrange or delete items before sending.

Telegram’s Android app is also getting a makeover with a new transparency effect. In Night Mode, panels and headers will now have a subtle transparent look, making chat backgrounds, stickers, and media files more visible.

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Another new feature in the app is live streaming support. This update will allow you to broadcast from streaming tools such as OBS Studio and XSplit Broadcaster – to easily add overlays and multi-screen layouts.

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