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We ranked the new iOS 15.4 features from best to worst

It’s that time again, people! The long-awaited iOS 15.4 is finally here — and that means one thing and one thing only: it’s time to rank the new features soon to be on your iPhone.

We’ve done this a few times before — whether that’s rating each iOS 14.5 update by how much they’ll annoy Zuckerberg, or those in iOS 14.7 by how useful the new features would be in space.

And this time? Well, we’re gonna be boring and rank them from worst to best. What? Don’t complain! All this means is the next Apple ranking will be even stranger.

THE WORST NEW iOS 15.4 FEATURE: 7) Podcast filters

The update itself isn’t too bad. Basically, on iOS 15.4, you can filter a show’s episodes by things like played or downloaded.

On top of this, you can also easily browser a podcast’s seasons.

Sounds fine, right? Why’s it on the bottom? Well, that’s because the Podcast app still fucking sucks.

Syncing across devices is a mess. Often, I’ll open the app and the episode I’ll be listening to will have disappeared. Or it’ll have gone back to the beginning of the podcast.

Frustrating is an understatement — and Apple should’ve used iOS 15.4 to fix the Podcast app.

But it didn’t. And it remains the worst.