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How to Remove Google Account from Chrome

If you want to use a new browser or start using a new PC, it’s a good idea to remove your Google account from Chrome. This way you can protect your personal data. However, since Chrome is vast, there are many ways to cancel your Google account. So, let’s look at the many ways to remove Google account from Chrome and other platforms.

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There are two ways to remove a Google account from Chrome. You can delete a Google profile through Chrome settings and also delete user data through File Explorer.

Google Chrome Profile makes it easy to create, customize, or switch to different accounts in Chrome. Here is how you can remove Google account from Chrome:

  1. Launch Google Chrome and click on your profile in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on gear icon to open Settings next to Other profiles.
  3. You will now see a new pop-up window where you can view all profiles.
  4. Choose a profile you want to delete and click on the three dots to open other actions.
  5. click on Remove.

You may see different names in settings depending on the current version of Chrome. If you want to turn off Chrome data sync on all devices and sign out of Chrome, you can do that from Settings.

  1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and go up Settings.
  2. Next to your name, click Disable.
  3. You will see a pop-up option asking you to confirm your action.

You can also check the box to erase all data, such as bookmarks, history, passwords, etc.

Delete user data from Chrome

This is another way to delete Chrome user data from your PC. Here’s how:

  1. Hold down the keys Win + R at the same time to launch the Run dialog box.
  2. Type “appdataAnd click OK.
  3. click on Local.
  4. In the list of folders, click Google.
  5. click on chrome > folder User data.
  6. Select the user profile and delete it.

To note: deleting your user profile only deletes your account from Google Chrome. All user data remains intact and can be viewed at any time.

Remove Google account from Safari browser

You can follow these steps to remove your Google account from Safari:

  1. You open Safari and log in
  2. Log out of your account by tapping on your profile icon and selecting the option Exit in the upper right corner.
  3. Click the profile icon again and press Remove.
  4. Select the desired account and press to finish.

Remove Google account from mobile devices

Removing a Google account from your phone is different from logging out of your Gmail account. The account on your phone is used to verify you as a user on your device. You can see linked accounts in your settings. So, if you want to remove your Google account from your mobile device, you can follow these steps:

Delete Google Account on Android

  1. to go up Settings.
  2. Go to accounts.
  3. Select the desired account and press Delete account.

Your phone may ask you to enter your password or PIN to verify your ownership. Note that some settings may differ depending on your phone model.

How to Delete Google Account on iPhone

  1. Open Settings and tap your Apple ID profile.
  2. Tap Name, Phone numbers, Email.
  3. If you have linked your Google account, it will appear in the section Reachable at.
  4. Tap the option Edit. You can now tap the red circle next to the email id to delete it.
  5. touch now Remove.

In the web version of Gmail, if you only want to remove one Google account from Gmail, there is only one option to sign out. Click on your profile icon and click Log out of all accounts. This will sign you out of multiple Gmail accounts from Chrome.

How to Remove Google Account from Gmail on Android

  1. Open your Gmail and click on the profile icon.
  2. to touch manage accounts on this device. You will see a new page where it is named Accounts and synchronization. click on Google.
  3. In the list of accounts, click one. At the bottom of the page, click other. You will have two options, namely Sync Now and delete account.
  4. click on Delete account.

Note that some settings may differ depending on the brand of your phone.

  1. Open your Gmail and click on the profile icon.
  2. to touch Manage accounts on this device.
  3. Under the account you want to remove, click Delete from this device.

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