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7 Free Apps That Read Text From Pictures

Recognizing text from images recently appeared on iOS. You can do this in your phone’s gallery or in the browser. To do this, you must click on the area containing text and hold it down. However, this feature is not available on all iOS versions and is not available for Android users without the help of third-party services.

So, we decided to review these free apps that read text from pictures for Android and iOS for you. They will help you easily perform this task at any time.

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‎Speechify - Audio Text Reader
‎Speechify - Audio Text Reader

Speechify is an application for listening to text from various sources, including images. You can forget about paper books, newspapers, everything will be in one program.

The application works in many languages ​​of the world. Speechify does the job qualitatively. It reads written text in electronic format from your mobile device and reads written text aloud.

Use the app to study if you don’t have time to sit down and read. In general, everyone who wants to save time installs such a wonderful program. You will be able to cook food in the kitchen and listen to podcasts, stories and news.

You will always be able to activate your voice friend and listen to the information you need. Are you tired of driving in transport and ruining your eyesight by reading small letters? You need Speechify for this.

Plus, no matter what site you’re open to reading, the program works with everything. The text must be readable. Save valuable time by taking the words by ear. Mark something important in your notebook when the text is read automatically.

The app has useful features. You can save the text as needed and listen to it play later. You will listen to a realistic robot voice, which will sound like a human voice. It will not cause irritation. You can change the playback speed.

Voice: OCR document reader

‎Voice: OCR Document Reader
‎Voice: OCR Document Reader

This application is a new invention with the reproduction of written text in audio. The scanner instantly reads the typed text and converts it into voice.

You can insert images into the program and it will read the text. By the way, it is worth noting that you will be able to share what you have listened to with your friends.

Do you need information about a certain document or message, but you don’t understand what is written? No problem, everything can be solved with the help of this service. Insert all photos, articles and the program will easily reproduce everything.

Listen to the news when you go to school when cleaning the house and during other daily activities. You don’t have to find time to sit down and read, just press a few buttons.

The reading text can be published on social networks, you can send it to a friend. Take a photo of what you need and get the text in audio format. You can adjust the reading speed, depending on the perception of the text.

The program is equipped with a large part of features. There are many scanners, each for different text formats. It will be possible to see the information from leaflets and maps. You will be able to crop, move the image or the text itself so that the recognition is clear and the text is not distorted.

Image to text and translator

Image to Text & Translator
Image to Text & Translator

This is a program with which you can read texts in different versions. You can also translate texts here and listen to them in different languages.

Read all important information about texts and how to correctly download data from files and documents. You can always save the information and open it at the right time.

You can send app data by mail and via Instagram, Facebook and other convenient ways.

This program is at the top today. Our lives are in turmoil and there isn’t always time to sit down and read something without being distracted by anything. This way you can multitask and learn new information perfectly.

The app is suitable for different professions where you need to type. Moreover, it is used by journalists.

You can play it and listen to it while you are laying down or chopping vegetables in the kitchen. Also, make the text more interesting and edit it here. The program has a built-in mind, and it will report all errors to you and fix them. Take items of different sizes and let the app analyze them.

Image Text Reader-Text Speaker

Image Text Reader (OCR)
Image Text Reader (OCR)

This application is designed for simple typing. If you weren’t able to write information on your phone, or your notes started disappearing quickly from your device, then this program is for you.

Here you can re-read articles and supplement them with something special. Moreover, you can easily input text into the system and it will read the subtitles with a voice.

You will be able to change the languages ​​​​to Spanish, French and many more. You can also change the voice assistant without any problem. Choose a pleasant voice and listen exactly to its pronunciation.

All the texts that are useful to you or that will be needed in the future, you can save them in the clipboard and use them if necessary. Share the text with other people in different programs. The app is really very useful. Learn more information and spend your time wisely!

Text Fairy

Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)
Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)

Text Fairy is a platform for reproducing information in audio. Do you need to quickly analyze a text and extract the most important elements from a large article? You absolutely must download Text Fairy.

Here you can perform various actions with the printed text. You’ll be able to fill in the information you need and do a great proofread.

There is such a chip as the pronunciation of words by voice. This comes in handy when you don’t have time to read new information.

A large number of people from all over the world use the program. You can still work with the information here and translate it into any language. Moreover, if you need to edit a document, the program can not only correct something but also work on the quality of paragraphs.

Write everything by micro-topics and the system will filter all the text for you. Text Fairy has an accessible interface and quality graphics. Developing your skills in writing some work here is definitely possible. Install the app and recommend it to your colleagues and friends.

voice reader out loud

@Voice Aloud Reader
@Voice Aloud Reader

Voice Aloud Reader app is designed to read text aloud. It can read aloud the contents of images, articles, news and emails.

To use the Voice Aloud player, you need to add text to it. You can do this by copying and pasting, pressing the plus or share button. Voice Aloud Reader also supports FB2, MOBI, EPUB and other formats.

The application includes text recognition. This option allows you to work with PDF files. Documents opened in the application can be saved in your smartphone’s memory to be listened to later.

It is possible to create item lists and sort files into folders. The integrated player offers not only the choice of voice, but also the adjustment of volume, playback speed and timbre.

It is possible to pause the voiceover. You can also set additional breaks. Voice Aloud Reader automatically recognizes languages ​​and supports Bluetooth headsets. By pressing the buttons on it, you can control the copying process. Sleep timer is provided for reading before going to sleep.

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Smart Goal – Text Scanner

Smart Lens - Text Scanner (OCR)
Smart Lens - Text Scanner (OCR)

Smart Lens is an application for writing texts, checking them and listening to recordings. You will be able to quickly find the main thing in a large text, to highlight something for yourself.

You will read information from maps, blankets and other written sources. The program has a special spirit, using it to scan any given subject is instantaneous, and the result will definitely not disappoint you.

Try the photo function. You no longer need to retype text and then design workarounds. Just point your camera at the information and the scan will do its thing.

In addition, the innovations never cease to amaze! So here too you can give a command to the program and it will make a call, write a message, notify you.

Do not remember information and do not keep in mind where and what is stored, everything will be collected in one program. It’s really cool! Based on the fact that the program can do a lot of things, it does not fail with information, it does not distort it, in words it does not make mistakes.

The analysis of a given subject is quite fast and lag-free. You can fully rely on the quality result. Smart Lens is a diverse platform for people of all ages. Here everyone will find something interesting and can learn to process information.

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