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How to Connect a Bluetooth Headset to a Nintendo Switch

Have you dreamed of being able to play your Nintendo Switch with your wireless headphones? Well know that the Japanese firm has just activated the Bluetooth functionality on its portable game console. Here’s how to connect a Bluetooth headset or earphones to a Switch.

Configure a wireless headset to a Switch console

Combining the advantages of a high-definition home console and a portable console, the Nintendo Switch caused a sensation when it was launched on March 3, 2017. It achieved what seemed totally impossible at the time, namely allowing users to play together in front of the living room screen while enjoying their games on the go.

The success was also very rapid. With already more than 6.1 million copies sold in France (at the time of writing the article), the Nintendo Switch will become in a few weeks the best-selling home console of all time in France.

Yet the nintendo-switch is not free from defects. Indeed, when it was released in 2017, the console’s Bluetooth functionality suffered from many limitations. Impossible for example to connect a wireless headset.

Bluetooth was then reserved only for Joy-Con or Switch Pro controllers (gamepads). To enjoy the soundtrack of his games without disturbing the neighbors, you had to either go through a wired headset or invest ten euros in a Bluetooth transmitter with jack.

Update your Nintendo Switch

Faced with the discontent of millions of players, Nintendo finally agreed to unleash the Bluetooth function of the Switch. The Japanese console now supports Bluetooth earphones and headsets. No need for a wireless adapter to enjoy total immersion in your video games.

Just note that this new feature appeared when the Switch’s system update 13.0.0 was released. This means that it will be necessary to ensure that your game console is up to date. Rest assured, this operation does not present any particular difficulty.

  • Start your Nintendo Switch
  • Go to the home screen
  • Click on the cogwheel button to open the settings window
  • Scroll down the left column until you see the Console Menu line
  • Then look for the line Current system software version
  • Then verify that the number displayed is 13.0.0 or higher
  • Otherwise, you just have to click on the Update console button placed just above

The console will automatically search for the most recent update for your device. Once this verification is done, it will start downloading the files. Please note that this operation requires the Nintendo Switch to be connected to the internet. In the event of a problem, do not hesitate to restart the console and resume the update procedure.

Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Nintendo Handheld

The soundtrack is an integral part of a video game just like the gameplay or the graphics. With headphones, you can enjoy the show to the fullest and fully immerse yourself in your game.

We will now see how to pair Bluetooth headphones or AirPods to your Nintendo Switch console. As explained earlier, this procedure requires system software 13.0.0 or higher.

  • Go back to your Nintendo Switch settings
  • Open the Bluetooth Audio menuChange Nintendo Switch Audio Settings
  • Put your headphones or earphones in pairing mode
  • On AirPods and AirPods Pro, simply place the headphones in the charging case and keep your finger pressed on the configuration button until the LED flashes white
  • If necessary, refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your audio accessory.
  • Have your console search for a Bluetooth device by clicking the Add Device button
  • Wait a few moments during the connection
  • Your headphones should show up on your console screen
  • Click on their names to finalize the Bluetooth connection

Test to see if everything works. If necessary, repeat the pairing operation. You will quickly realize that with wireless headphones it is not the same music. Playing on the go with the wireless headphones of your smartphone is a real plus. Unfortunately, it took many years before all this was possible on this device. You will find in this guide a method to Switch from one Bluetooth device to another in one click.

What are the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Restrictions

You are certainly wondering why most special Gaming headsets do not offer Bluetooth mode? Let’s face it, Bluetooth may not be the best audio transmission protocol for game consoles.

Indeed, the high latency of Bluetooth can sometimes be annoying on certain titles. For example in a shooting game, you will wait for your weapon to fire a few seconds after pulling the trigger.

the delay between sound and image is unfortunately too high on some games. To avoid this, it will be necessary to invest in a headset with a USB dongle offering a faster data transmission rate.

Also keep in mind that once your headphones are connected via Bluetooth, you can only connect a pair of Joy-Cons or two wireless controllers. You will need to turn off the Bluetooth function to connect additional controllers.

More annoyingly, the Switch’s wireless audio device only handles audio output. For example, it is impossible to use the microphone of your Bluetooth headset during a game. If you don’t chat, this restriction shouldn’t bother you.

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