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5G in Audi cars from 2024

Audithe German automaker and in partnership with Verizonthe American telephone operator has announced that by 2024, the brand’s future cars will be equipped with improved 5G connectivity.

Not all car models Audibut just certain vehicles, which will allow the on-board system of these cars (the on-board computer and its software) to process and exchange data in real time and allow them to react faster and with more precision.

Embedding 5G in cars Audi or in any other electrical brand, autonomous and hybrid will surely improve software performance, the on-board navigation system, diagnostics as well as rapid and predictive maintenance of the car thanks to data exchange via a cloud platform.

Not only that, but the main purpose of connecting Audi cars to Verizon’s 5G especially in the US is to increase self-driving capabilities, that’s the goal. The telephone company in question promises to provide data rates very high above 1Gbps through millimeter waves and Sub 6GHz frequencies, a technology known in the trade as 5G UltraWideband (UWB).

And finally, 5G is the key to V2X communication in the car sector, which will allow vehicles to communicate with their environment, thus improving driving quality in the coming years.

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