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How to start the digitalization of your restaurant?

The digitalization of restaurants has become obvious in the face of changing consumer trends. This being accentuated by the health crisis which is raging in the world, you absolutely must pass the course. To do this, you need to polish your online presence and multiply remote touchpoints with customers.

Online booking

In today’s time when consumers want to be in control, you need to offer the ability to book online. In just a few clicks, your customers can reserve a table at the location of their choice, according to their number and at the date and time that suits them.

For your part, you can control the flow of customers in your restaurant to anticipate peak times and keep control during the most important time slots. In addition, you can optimize your human resources, because you no longer need a team that will manage reservations by telephone or on site.

All you have to do is send a confirmation by SMS or email to the customers. To avoid no-shows, the online booking module includes a security option. Finally, online booking maximizes the occupancy rate and builds customer loyalty thanks to a good organization.

The click and collect

Online shopping has become a mainstream way of life for consumers and this is expanding into the restaurant world. But instead of having meals delivered to their homes or workplaces, people prefer to have the option of picking up their order on the spot.

As an advantage, they can still place the order online. They choose the time they want to pick up their meals without any waiting time. This also saves them from paying delivery costs. Hence the interest of click and collect in catering.

This technique also brings many advantages to the actors of the restoration. You control the flow in your restaurant at all times: at the counter to place or pick up an order and at the checkout for payment.

The digital menu

To digitize your restaurant, you have to forget the paper menus which represent a significant investment. It is necessary to print and personalize the support and in several copies. You must hire servers to bring and explain menus to customers.

Thanks to the digital menu, customers just have to scan a QR code from their smartphone or tablet to access your menus. The restaurant order taking at the table saves both sides time. You can present the menus in the image of your brand, you can add as many details as you want and an illustrative photo to satisfy the customers.

Do not hesitate to multiply the QR codes: on each table, at the entrance, at the counter… to help customers easily access the menu and obtain all the information on each dish. In addition, this allows restaurateurs to easily update their menus, to highlight the daily specials or the chef’s specialties.

social networks

It is important to stay in touch with your customers to keep them informed of all the news about your restaurant: a new address, a new point of sale, a new partnership, new menus, price updates, promotional offers. , etc

However, this is not a one-way communication. Social networks are perfect for giving voice to your customers. Encourage them to give their opinions on the offers you offer. This will allow you to improve your services and dishes.

Encourage your customers to engage through animations on social networks. You can organize games or events and invite them to participate.

The digitalization of your restaurant opens the way to success: to retain your customers and attract new ones.

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