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Disney+ will offer a cheaper subscription

Within a few months, the streaming service Disney+ will offer a new package cheaper than the current package of 8.99 euros per month. But a new rule that Disney will apply for those who want to take advantage of the offer in question. Details are in the article.

Disney+ wants to extend access to its service to a larger audience and have more subscribers by adding a new subscription formula to the existing one, a formula at a very attractive price but against advertising.

I’ve seen this type of formula before. RakutenTV, another streaming service and which offers to watch multimedia content (films, series, and documentaries) for free on its platform against a lot of sequences and advertising capsules. This can be interesting for some since you don’t pay anything to rakutenTV as it can be very disturbing at the same time.

In the case of Disney+, it’s almost the same thing except that there, you have to go through a subscription and pay each month an amount below the €8.99 of the current offer. We do not yet know how much it will cost or how Disney+ plans to market the offer in order to attract more subscribers.

In short, you now know that at rakutenTV it’s free to see a whole catalog of films and series against advertising.

The new formula with advertising from Disney+ will be launched at the end of the year, first in the United States and then internationally in 2023.

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