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Apple’s AirTags are as dangerous as the society that surrounds them

Apple has released another category-defining product — but not in the way it would’ve wanted.

AirTags, the company’s cheap and cheerful tracking devices, have become the category’s foremost technology, yet their misuse has embroiled the company in scandal.

A gamut of reports have linked AirTags to stalking and theft, with one of the most prominent being the story of model Brooke Snader, who had one of the devices slipped into her coat pocket at a bar.

While Apple has come under fire for the releasing the product, AirTags operate in a gray area.

Let’s return to Snader as an example. The reason she knew someone had planted a tracker on her was because her iPhone sent an alert about it.

Things could’ve been far worse, as these safety measures are not present in similar technology, like GPS trackers.

This raises a number of questions. How dangerous are AirTags? How do they compare to other trackers on the market? And what is Apple’s responsibility after releasing such a product?